Just one session with Antonio taught me a lot about how my body works and how it doesn’t. As a chronically ill person who spends a great deal of her time resting, I learned that the state I usually term “rest” doesn’t even come close to the level of relaxation my body is actually capable of. And this is important, because the deeper its rest, the more healing and recovery my body can do.

Antonio’s bodywork induced what is possibly the most relaxed state I’ve ever experienced, including in my sleep. At the beginning of the session, I wanted to help him along by trying to soothe my body, just as I do when I meditate, perform body scans for tension, or visualize my body in comforting ways (such as floating in space, or as a loose noodle.) But at a certain point, Antonio’s work took over, and my own efforts ceased. I became totally and utterly passive, setting aside any responsibility for my body and its relaxation. This level of passivity and thus real, deep rest is difficult to articulate in words. I’m convinced it’s something one must physically undergo, and, in comparing it with other “resting” states, to witness how surface level they might be. 

I highly recommend the experience, especially for people with illness, fatigue, or nervous system issues. Often, the most healing thing you can do for yourself is rest, and this level of rest is extraordinary. – Yulia G.

During the last couple of years, I have received a lot of bodywork to help with the effects of scar tissue from multiple surgeries when I was younger. All of the bodywork has been beneficial but I still had some pain issues and chronic tightness in my hips and lower back. Antonio’s use of both Zero Balancing and Craniosacral has helped me tremendously. He has a great intuitive healing sense and a very gentle presence. He has been able to release some contracted muscles that other modalities weren’t addressing. After a couple of treatments my back is a lot more flexible and I have returned to my yoga practice with greater ease and flexibility. Much thanks! – Sylvia S.

I was referred to Antonio by a friend that i work with. I ve suffered a severe spinal injury on the L4, L5 two years ago and have been struggling with my ability to probably walk without pain.
Antonio has been woking on me with his cranial massage techniques to improve balance with my body. He goes in full details of what he is about to do , adjust your body then takes time explaining what is going on with my issues. 
The final part of his therapy is where he stands out , I recommend you should all have this done. His cranial massage gives you energy , balance and makes my day a whole lot easier .  I am able to walk a lot better and don’t need to take any meds for pain. – Eric D.

A friend referred Antonio to me recently and I could not be more pleased. I’ve gotten massages most of my adult life (lucky me) and am always open to try a new person or technique. 
While I know Antonio does regular massage that you’d receive at a spa, he also does other stuff that I hadn’t experienced. I went with issues stemming from working on my feet for about 60 hours a week. I had been experiencing pain in my hips, knees, ankles and feet. I also had what seemed to be permanent tension in my shoulders. Antonio’s treatments were relaxing, soothing and effective. He did some regular massage and Craniosacral for quite some time that was very relaxing. For the weeks following my treatment, my joints and muscles felt better than they had in years. Antonio came back to my house for several more treatments and included something called Zero balancing that made me feel four inches taller. This is my favorite thing. His treatments have eliminated what seemed to be permanent tension in my shoulders. Months later, I still feel great.
He’s truly a healer. – Richele B.

Antonio is a fantastic and soothing body worker, I highly recommend him for any range of issues, from emotional balancing to physical trauma recovery. He’s is as equally informed of the body and it’s structure as he is intuitive to the clients needs. – Joss V.

Antonio is a genuinely caring and intuitive bodyworker, with a passion for his field and a deep knowledge base. Easy to communicate with, Antonio is gracious and after 1 session, my normal achy spots were incredibly less tight and I was able to move through my day with much more ease. I highly recommend him as a practitioner. –  Christine B.

My two important massage experiences with Antonio remarkably helped the painful sciatica and lower back pain I was experiencing. I’ve not experienced this issue since Antonio’s treatments. A big relief!
He is very knowledgeable, caring and most of all effective at his profession. I will go nowhere else if I ever need help again. – Clara D.