Hello, my name’s Antonio Krebs. I am a certified massage therapist with over 10 years of experience, and I like helping people resolve pain and mobility issues through massage and Craniosacral therapy. I do home visits in Sacramento, CA, 95825. 

With me, you not only get the kind of skilled massage you expect from someone with a decade of experience, but I am especially suited to work with neck and shoulder problems because of my training in Craniosacral therapy. I have successfully helped many people resolve frozen shoulder issues, in as little as one treatment. Craniosacral is also a great way to get better sleep, clients report their quality of sleep improved on the day they received their first session with me.  

My work can be especially useful for people living with chronic fatigue, and for those who have already tried massage to address a problem and didn’t make improvements. 

Contact me for appointments at (510) 210 7275 or use the contact form under schedule a session.